«there are moments in life when words are not enough, but sometimes a song can say everything. » With these words begins out meeting with an American singer/writer that discovered how to cross the abyss between feelings and rationality towards a path for regain a denied youth.

As a child she was kidnapped by his father who brought his brother to live as refugees in Tel Aviv in Isralel.

On Patrizio Longo’s microphone is Sara Lov, welcome. When does music create a link between feelings and rationality?

Sometimes. I think music is a way to not be rational and be more inside the feelings.

Is this idea being represented in your last work, I Already Love You?

Yes. This album is all about feeling. it was really fun to make because i didn’t write the songs so i was more focused on the performance and not so much on the lyrics and the construction of the songs.

How did develop the idea of a tribute to Patty Pravo with a cover of La Bambola?

I first heard this song at a friend’s party in 2003 when i was living in Italy. I fell in love with it instantly and then a friend put it on a mix tape for me and i thought it would be so fun to try to sing it.

With the Devics your band recorded for the same label of the Cocteau Twins?

Bella union. We sent them our cd and simon wrote us and offered to release it. It was amazing to get to meet them since we were such big fans.

Is your music somehow under the influence of that sound?

I think early devics music was but i don’t see my music in that way.

Is the choice of using a smooth vocal registry like a hug, casual?

I’m not sure i understand the question but i think you are asking if i sing the way i do by choice i think it’s partially choice but mostly just how my natural voice is comfortable a hug. i like that, thank you.

Is Singing a way to escape, claiming what you did not received?

Yes. It is my greatest escape and especially performing live.

What do you usually listen to?

It’s always changing but right now i am really into the Jenny & Johnny record and also Sufjan Stevens. Read interview in italian a Sara Lov

Cosa ne pensi?

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