koop.jpgWhat has changed in “Koop Islands” compared to your previous work “Waltz for Koop”. It seems that we can find some kind of “warmer” metricals, partly leaving the electronic sounds?

It’s not less electronic regarding how the album is made. It’s still sample based . The big difference in my opinion is that it’s more percussive. Not only meaning the use of percussion….all the instruments and samples are more percussive. Not so many long notes. And “Koop Islands” is even more than “Waltz for Koop” focusing on vocals, melodies and songwriting. And it swings!

During the production of a work of yours, one of your “focuses” is to make a tribute to one of the northern musicians of the eighites. In this case, who do refer to?

Waltz for Koop was influenced by swedish jazz music from the sixties. For example singer Monica Zetterlund. But we never make music to pay tribute to old jazz musicians, we are doing our own thing. And “northern musicians of the eighties” we don’t know anything about.

How do you obtain such an elegant and sophisticated cocktail of sounds?

First of all we want to write good songs. Second thing is that we want the songs to sound fresh, and produce them in the best way. But we also like to be illusionists. The listener should get the unreal feeling. And ask herself? what is this music? Where is it from and what time? Is it live and is it samples?

A technical note: in the no. 4 track “I see a different you”, you can hear a wonderful bus. It’s just a coincidence or a clear refrence to something?

We recorded Yukimis vokals summer 2005. It was very hot so we had to have the window open. If you listen very carefully , you can hear a lot of buses driving by on her tracks.

Could we define “Koop Islands” as an album that confirm your desire to know better the jazz world?

Yes in a way our musical carrer has been a travel through jazz history, and we will always make somehow jazz related music. But it’s not intelectual. It’s only for the love of jazz.

Tell us about the choice to use the singular voice of Yukimi Nagano?

She has been with us since Waltz for Koop and she has developed into a great singer, with a very sensual voice. Off course we wanted her to sing on Koop Islands.

What about the collaboration with Ane Brun and Rob Gallagher?

Ane is a famous norwegian singer/songwriter that lives in stockholm. We met in a piano-bar and sung some songs together. A few days later we called her up and asked her to sing “Koop island blues”. Rob has been with us since waltz for koop and he came over from london to sing “Forces….darling”. We were ready on the first day so on the second day we jammed and made “Beyond the son”.

For years I’ve been working with Nicola Conte, often as a guest in my radio show. What adjective could you use to describe him?


Five years have passed from your last work. So, how many years will we be waiting for your new album?

We have been working together for so long now and it’s more and more important to really be inspired by our own music. We can’t make another album if we don’t feel it. It may take time, but who knows, it might come in a year!

Why do you always choose particular costumes?

To attract Nicola.

Cosa ne pensi?

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