Adrian Sherwood

Intervista audio Adrian Sherwood (in inglese)

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Adrian Sherwood in occasione dello Yellow Party si racconta al microfono di EXTRANET.

Intervista a Adrian Sherwood (in inglese)

How much did 80s music influenced your works?

I’ve started making records in the seventies, and I’ve been listening to records from the sixties. And I was a fan of the records in the seventies as a young person. So I think in my own production the influence of the sixties is musch more appropriate than the eighties. I was listening to a lot of the greate messages from the early reggae records, which have messages of revolution, of hope for the manking, of self improvements and I was a big fan of reggae from ’72, ’73, ’74 right through the 1980. And it’s only recently that I’ve got really much more into waht was going on with the digital revolution, the electrical thing in the eighties. I’m more a fan of the seventies and the spirit of that music than I am of the eighties.

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